Dedicated to enhancing the talents, lives and spirits of community youth through education, mentoring and linkages to resources.

Reverend Michael L. Pfleger named ”The Ark” to symbolize a safe haven for at-risk youth.  From education to employment, The ARK offers a vast array of free programs for youth and young adults ages 6-28.  The ARK serves between 70-120 youth on a daily basis in Englewood and Auburn-Gresham at no cost to them and their families.

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Welcome to The Ark!


G.E.M.S. Mentoring Program!

G.E.M.S is a mentoring program designed to educate, inspire and reshape the behaviors of teenage girls. Through 1 on 1 mentoring, field trips, and group discussions, this program helps to develop these girls into the GEMS they were created to be.

Applications are now open for young girls to become a mentee. (Mentor application has closed). Please click the links below or visit our GEMS Mentoring Page fore more details!


R.I.S.E Mentoring Program!

R.I.S.E is a mentoring program mentoring program for high school boys who have had exposure to the juvenile justice system, and are considered at-risk of being exposed to violence or becoming a perpetrator of violence.  The program is led by mentors who offer a space for candid discussion and emotional development, while connecting each mentee with the resources they need to overcome barriers in life.

Space is Limited! Contact Cliff Davis: 773-496-4137

It is our responsibility to brush the dust off of our children’s dreams and reawaken them.
— Rev. Michael Pfleger

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