The ARK offers a variety of recreational sporting activities for youth throughout the week.  These programs provide youth a chance to interact with peers in a positive way and creates a stress free environment to escape the issues that occur within their home and school.


In an effort to combat childhood obesity, the ARK launched the Project HEALTH program designed to engage youth ages 6-14 in a variety of physical fitness activities, while also teaching them about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet.  In addition to nutrition classes, youth participate in activities such as weight lifting, cardio, and aerobic activities.


Every night, teens are invited to the ARK to play in competitive intramural basketball. Every Wednesday night, the ARK hosts “Men’s Night Basketball,” which gives men 18 years of age and older an alternative to the streets. These basketball programs provide teens and young men with a safe and neutral place to participate in recreational sports during times when violence is at its peak.


In partnership with After School Matters, the ARK offers a culinary program to high school students designed to teach them how to prepare delicious, nutritious meals for their family.  Through field trips, class room lectures, and hands-on assignments in the kitchen, students gain exposure to different styles of cuisine and develop a basic understanding of the culinary industry.

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